| The 10 Dishes That Made My Career — First We Feast
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The 10 Dishes That Made My Career — First We Feast

As McCallister wraps up year two of the restaurant, he says he’s finally found his groove, providing patrons with a comprehensive experience—from a barrel-aged Last Word at the bar, to autumnal butternut-squash ricotta gnocchi in ham brodo. “It’s going as smoothly as possible,” he says. “After a while, when you’re not cooking under people, your true style emerges and you just keep going.”

These days, McCallister is indeed charging ahead—on his own terms. From uni devoured fresh off the boat in Tasmania, to the simple chicken and dumplings mom made when he had a fever, here are 10 of the dishes that inspired McCallister to forge his own creative path in the kitchen.


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