| FT33 Launches a Barrel-Aged Cocktail Program — D Magazine
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FT33 Launches a Barrel-Aged Cocktail Program — D Magazine

I’m sitting at the bar at FT33 with two wine glasses in front of me. In one there’s a familiar, grassy-colored splash of green Chartreuse, in the other a foreign yellow spirit. While technically also green Chartreuse, this liquor is the color of honey and smells sweet, like vanilla. Bartenders Tristan Price and Scott Augat watch in anticipation as I put the glass to my lips. The flavor is as sweet as the aroma, the sharp bitterness of the herbs are dulled by the oak barrel it was aged in. “This is delicious!” I blurt out while secretly wishing it was later in the day so I could order a proper, full-size cocktail.


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