| FT33 – Matt McCallister does the Design District
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FT33 – Matt McCallister does the Design District

Matt McCallister’s latest takes its name from its chef’s table’s ID number, and kitchen lingo for the order to prep the next course: “fire table”, or how Trump works up his courage before firing Meat Loaf. Designed by Hatsumi Kuzuu (Urban Taco), the 80-seater achieves its modern-industrial aesthetic with touches like a 9ft granite slab for watching food-making, a 140lb Vulcan anvil displayed like sculpture, and a barnwood-supported marble bar, probably what kept the stars of Marble Madness from ever rolling straight.

The menu will evolve with the seasons over the course of a year, but for now warm up your paunch with bar snacks like candied oxtail bao-buns with Fresno chiles & creme fraiche, and mustard- & cumin-glazed lamb ribs with roasted dates. Then take a Uni course in pancakes with a uni & chive short stack under bonito aioli & yuzu kosho; or quit screwing around and go straight for pork loin served with corn, mustard, olive, smoked mayo, and cherries.

House-infused spirits liven up classics like the Corpse Reviver #2 and the Calvados Sidecar, while the yeast party gets crafty with locals like Ugly Pug and Fireman’s #4, which’ll hopefully put out the fire in your belly, and not the one on your table.

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