| Matt McCallister Has Been Keeping a Secret — Dallas Morning News
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Matt McCallister Has Been Keeping a Secret — Dallas Morning News

One of the things I love about FT33 is that you can pretty much close your eyes, point to something on the menu and wind up being thrilled. Because of that, it’s not always easy to decide. Calling ahead for and requesting the chef’s $95-per-person 9-course tasting menu is an option, if your reservation is for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. That can be a wildly delicious (albeit expensive) ride.

But when I stopped in for dinner last week, I learned that there’s another way to go: You can ask for a 5-course tasting menu for $70 per person. Don’t look for it on the menu or website — it’s not there. Unlike the 9-course tasting, you can ask for it once you’re seated in the dining room (the 9-course tasting must be ordered in advance). While the 9-course tasting involves more esoteric, largely vegetable-driven creations, the 5-course tasting is made up of dishes on that night’s a la carte menu, sized only slightly smaller (they seemed full-sized to me). The chef will choose for you, though if there are dishes you’d like to request, that’s generally accommodated.


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