smoked trout, radicchio, parsnip, sorghum ::: 16

beef tartare, cauliflower, thai chili, peanut, cilantro ::: 18

scallop crudo, royal & black trumpets, grapefruit, yuzu ::: 16

pork and octopus bolognese, semolina cavatelli, collard greens ::: 16

house made charcuterie board, pickles, mustard, jam :::two for 21 : four for 42


braised short rib, local kale, maitake, satsuma, smoked olive ::: 37

windy meadows chicken duo, celery root, spinach, crème fraîche ::: 34

skate wing, pork belly, maitake, smoked potato ::: 34

squid ink spaghetti alla chitarra, rock shrimp, nduja, broccoli pesto ::: 28

berkshire pork , sea island red peas, fennel, sauerkraut ::: 36

vegetable composition ::: 28


banana, peanut, mezcal caramel, lime ::: 10

burnt honey, beet, sunflower seed, yoghurt ::: 10

passionfruit, gianduja, vanilla, cream ::: 10

cinnamon, valrhona chocolate, coffee ::: 10

citrus, bay laurel, almond, cherry ::: 10

cheese board, jam ::: 19


chefs :::matt, maggie, junior, josh
gm / wine director :::jeff gregory
floor sommelier :::siobhan sindoni

please note that menu changes will be reflected on the website an hour before service begins for the evening

please join us for our next guest chef dinner with colin stringer of nonesuch in oklahoma city. call (214) 741-2629 to book your reservation for the event on monday, february 29th.