tomato, grilled squash blossom, fennel, molasses, creme :::15

gulf crab, green tomato, nuoc cham, puffed rice :::18

chicken liver and onion sausage, potato porridge, black truffle :::21

pappaperdelle, duck confit, morels :::17

charred octopus, pork jowl, peach, summer succotash :::18

house made charcuterie board, pickles, mustard, jam :::two for 21 : four for 42


windy meadows chicken, coconut, basil, tomato, green papaya :::34

dry aged duck, stone fruits, creamer peas, chanterelles :::38

ricotta gnocchi, local fennel, onions, carrots, house cultured butter :::28

fluke, variations in aubergine :::34

milk braised pork, allium, grains, pole beans :::35

vegetable composition :::28


buttermilk pie, graham, cherries, lemon verbena :::10

chocolate, malt, scotch, brown butter caramel :::10

local peaches and blackberries, almond streusel, vanilla sabayon :::10

blueberries, pecan, sour cream :::10

fruit composition :::10

cheese board, jam :::19


chefs :::matt, maggie, brooks, josh
gm / wine director :::jeff gregory

please note that menu changes will be reflected on the website an hour before service begins for the evening

our chef’s tasting menu is available tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and we ask that you please request that option in advance when making your reservation

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