pork belly, corn, chanterelle, coffee, domingo rojo beans ::: 19

cuttlefish, escalivada, cardinal basil, saffron ::: 19

albacore tuna, tuscan melon, horseradish, mustard, lime ::: 19

cannelloni of beef sugo, ricotta, basil, pecorino ::: 19

escarole, texas figs, ricotta, pecan, basil ::: 17

house made charcuterie board, pickles, mustard, jam :::two for 21 : four for 42


lamb presse, butterbean, peppers, arugula, sumac::: 38

stuffed texas quail, wild blackberry mostarda, sweet potato, polenta :::35

scallops, morcilla, lots of brassicas, grapes ::: 38

ricotta gnocchi, apricot, brown butter, chanterelle, bacon, arugula, egg yolk ::: 28

heritage pork collar, baba ghanoush, plum, benne seed, mint ::: 36

vegetable composition ::: 29


banana, hazelnut, chocolate, malt, caramel ::: 10

blackberry, fennel, vanilla, almond, cream ::: 10

chocolate, cherry, chai, coconut ::: 10

fruit composition ::: 10

peaches, brown butter, almond, strawberry gastrique ::: 10

cheese board, jam ::: 21


chefs :::matt, maggie, joel
gm / wine director :::jeff gregory
floor sommelier :::siobhan sindoni

please note that menu changes will be reflected on the website an hour before service begins for the evening

our chef’s tasting menu is available tuesday, wednesday, and thursday

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