‘nduja fritters with beet top sofrito, whipped sweet potato butter, lime ash ::: 15

beef tartare, soured cream, red fife wheat toast, smoked almond ::: 19

brined root vegetables with sweet peppers, lemongrass and buttermilk dressing, peanuts, coriander, mint :::17

lane snapper crudo, mustards in pepper vinegar, smoked pecans, garlic in barley miso :::18

red wattle pork bolognese, garganelli pasta, chili oil, fennel ::: 17

marinated sunchokes, bitter greens, pickled rose petals, hazelnuts::: 16

house made charcuterie board, pickles, mustard, jam :::two for 21 : four for 42


pork collar, cabbage, caramelized lemon, rye spaetzle, shiitake mushrooms ::: 36

beef short rib, sweet potato, oyster mushroom, blue barley::: 38

cartermere farms chicken, fermented turnip, kale, pickled pepper, grits cake ::: 34

gulf snapper, fried green tomato, mostarda, pickled button mushroom, chicken jus ::: 36

ricotta gnocchi, parsnip, broccoli raab, benton’s bacon, aleppo ::: 28

vegetable composition ::: 29


pomegranate, mint, coconut, pistachio ::: 10

walnut, pear, blue cheese, concord ::: 10

squash, candycap, citrus, coffee, milk chocolate ::: 10

persimmon pain perdu, quince, gingersnap, butterscotch ::: 10

valrhona chocolate, passionfruit, hazelnut ::: 10

cheese board, jam ::: 21


chefs :::matt, maggie, joel
gm / wine director :::jeff gregory
floor sommelier :::siobhan sindoni

please note that menu changes will be reflected on the website an hour before service begins for the evening

our chef’s tasting menu is available tuesday, wednesday, and thursday

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