sonoran wheat berries, nettles, radish, wild watercress :::14

garganelli, preserved tomatoes, green garlic, cured sardine :::16

cobia, brussel sprout vinaigrette, black radish, benne seed :::18

culurgiones with smoked beef, ricotta, potato, sauce cumberland :::19

beef tartare, beets, cured egg yolk :::18

house made charcuterie board, pickles, mustard, jam :::two for 21 : four for 42


3rd coast catch, seaweed, toasted rice middlins, morels :::38

ricotta gnocchi, wild onion, walnut, aerated raclette :::28

windy meadows chicken duo, local carrot, fennel, benne seed :::33

grilled pork sirloin, rhubarb mostarda, broccoli :::35

sterling lamb duo, turnip, mint, coriander, preserved lemon :::38

vegetable composition :::28


gianduja, dark chocolate, hazelnut, coffee :::10

strawberry, beet, buttermilk, mint :::10

chocolate, banana, coconut, tropical fruit :::10

rhubarb, bergamot, yogurt, matcha :::10

tangerine, almond, laurel :::10

cheese board, jam :::19


chefs :::matt, maggie, brooks, josh
gm / wine director :::jeff gregory

please note that menu changes will be reflected on the website an hour before service begins for the evening

our chef’s tasting menu is available tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and we ask that you please request that option in advance when making your reservation

:::view the chef’s tasting menu

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