| The Best of Dallas 2012
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The Best of Dallas 2012

As 2013 swiftly moves into position, we took pause to review our photos from this past year selected some of our very favorite dishes, people and places. Looking back, 2012 was an excellent restaurant year for Dallas with many new openings that definitely elevated our palates. Innovators such as chef Matt McCallister are making Dallas a dining destination and will most assuredly be sought out with national culinary awards in the coming year.

This year brought us closer to the sea with forward thinkers such as Jon Alexis at TJ’s Seafood Market, Omar Flores at Driftwood, and John Tesar with his very new restaurant, Spoon. We also enjoyed a new rush of oysters in the Dallas area with the promise of even more in coming months. Look for the Establishment to open soon with 14 varieties on hand daily.

2013 should bring even more changes in the food community, but today we take you back to check out our list of favorites for 2012.

Best Food Event 2012: Chefs for Farmers

Chefs for Farmers is the brainchild of Matt and Iris McCallister which started as a way to band a handful of chefs together and highlight local farmers and ranchers. This past year the event swelled to include a larger selection of chefs chaired by the three tenors of Dallas chefs, Stephan Pyles, Dean Fearing and Kent Rathbun with funds going to local farmers and charities. The event was held in the sweltering Dallas heat in May, but this not deter the happy crowds that read as the who’s who of Dallas culinary elite.

Best Dish 2012: Lamb Duo at FT33

The lamb duo has undergone some changes since it was debuted at the grand opening of FT33, the beautiful new restaurant owned by Matt McCallister in the Dallas Design District. The dish is served with a pair of supple and crisped lamb breast wedges and a double lamb chop. The richness of the sweet lamb shines bright on this plate, and in a year of fantastic dishes this one stayed in our thoughts for the past several months.

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