| What & Where Was Your Best Meal of 2012?
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What & Where Was Your Best Meal of 2012?

As 2012 comes to an end, we’re surveying friends, readers, critics, and bloggers about the year in dining. Now, we ask folks to recall their single best meal of the year. Readers, feel free to weigh in via the comments.

Q: What and where was your single best meal in 2012?

Whitney Filloon, editor, Eater Dallas: “Probably Ippudo in New York. Pork belly steamed buns, pork tatsuta-age, the ‘Modern’ ramen bowl, and an icy cold Kirin… just unspeakably delicious, which is why I’m so excited that Tanoshi Ramen is coming to my ‘hood soon. As far as Dallas goes, FT33 blew me away with their pork jowl dish with crushed pork rinds, and an amazing chicken dish with peanuts and chanterelles. Where else can you eat food like that while listening to the Wu-Tang Clan?”

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