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Elements of Surprise – wine enthusiast

Whether menus change daily, weekly or monthly—or cease to be presented to diners at all—eating at these restaurants is nothing less than a thrill.

While some restaurants depend on signature dishes and classic wine pairings to keep customers coming back for more, eateries from coast to coast are embracing an outside-the-box approach to dining out—in some cases, changing menu items by the hour. See how sommeliers at top restaurants navigate the challenge of pairing wines with ever-evolving dishes.

The menu at FT33 changes on a weekly basis, allowing the Owner and Executive Chef, Matthew McCallister, to work with items that are hyperseasonal—like Porcini mushrooms and ramps—a tactic that has quickly put the Design District-area restaurant on the Dallas dining map.

“The constant evolution of the menu is definitely welcomed by the vast majority of our diners who enjoy the chance to try a new selection of dishes each time they visit, rather than selecting from a static selection,” says Jeff Gregory, wine director and general manager.
“New menu items also challenge us to keep a sharp sense of what wines are working well with the season’s bounty,” he notes. “Right now I’m in the market for rustic Old World whites and lighter reds. Heavier reds tend to slow down once the temperature climbs above 90 [degrees] here in Texas.”

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