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top 50 things to eat – gq magazine

We’re living in a golden age of stuffing our pieholes. And because there are so many mad-genius chefs and mixologists out there right now, we have a problem: separating the merely great from the transcendent, book-a-flight, text-everyone-you-know stuff. So we gorged our way across america to divine the country’s fifty best dishes and drinks, from brisket tacos and chinese pork-belly sandwiches to carbonated margaritas and cilantro lime ice cream. Grab a fork, a pair of chopsticks, a straw, or hell, just use your hands.

Soup, once little more than a warm liquid rich in the promise of enhanced health, has become a chef’s playland, filled with fun foods that float or sink. Chef Matt McCallister’s soup, luscious enough to stand alone, is uplifted with tiny rye croutons and crumbs of malted barley that sit atop it, circumnavigating the rim. Within the circle floats a drizzle of hay-infused grapeseed oil. Hay, he says, isn’t there because he’s in Texas and cows love the stuff, but because it adds a grassy note. He most likely could have gotten the same effect from using simple olive oil, but who ever heardof a star chef doing things the easy way?


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