| Matt McCallister’s FT33 is opening this Saturday; here’s a sneak peek at the menu
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Matt McCallister’s FT33 is opening this Saturday; here’s a sneak peek at the menu

One of the two most anticipated debuts of the year — Matt McCallister’s FT33 — will come to pass this Saturday evening, if all goes as planned. If you’ve been as curious about what McCallister’s “season inspired cuisine” will be like, you’ll want to take a gander at his menu, below.

There are 20 dishes — four each of starters, veg dishes, fish dishes, meat dishes and desserts, and the dish descriptions are more listy than descriptive, though techniques are mentioned here and there. Some of the ingredients may be more familiar than they sound, like ikura, which is salmon roe (the biggish orange-colored caviar you’ve probably seen or tasted in sushi bars); Arcana yolk refers to a chicken egg of the Arcana breed. Maitake is a mushroom that’s a delicacy in Japan — and yes, there are more than a few Japanese touches on the menu, like “ahi tombo” — a.k.a. tombo ahi, a.k.a. albacore tuna. Yuzu kosho and furikake are both Japanese condiments. There are Mediterranean and Northern European touches, too. Gruyère and allium custard? Allium simply refers to plants of the onion family, including leeks, shallots, garlics and such.

There’s also a 4-course, build-your-own fixed price menu for $60, or $90 including wine pairings. (In other words, choose your own dishes from the menu items.) And some cool-sounding bar snacks, like candied oxtail bao-bun with Fresno chile and crème fraîche, or Benton’s ham with pickled ramps and house mustard, or mustard- and cumin-glazed lamb ribs with roasted dates to go with a handful of craft cocktails.

If I had to hazard a guess, I’d imagine McCallister will be cooking in a similar style to what he was doing as opening/consulting chef at the erstwhile Campo Modern Country Bistro, but that’s pure conjecture based on the ingredients mentioned.

Meanwhile, the billing of the chefs on the menu is refreshingly uncomplicated: just a chef (McCallister) and a pastry chef, Josh Valentine. No executive titles evoked on this one. Reservations are now being accepted at the number below; beginning tomorrow, you can reserve through Open Table. It’s open for dinner only, Tuesday-Saturday evenings.

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