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The People’s Best New Chef – food and wine magazine

Matt McCallister
RESTAURANT FT33 (Read a review)
WHY HE’S AMAZING Because he’s attracting crowds to his first solo venture with his modern locavore dishes.
BACKGROUND Stephan Pyles (Dallas)
QUINTESSENTIAL DISH Smoked potatoes with maitake mushrooms and chile-spiked Kewpie mayonnaise
FIRST JOB “I started out cooking at a family-run restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, called Guido’s when I was 15, but I never really took it seriously. [My parents were] like, ‘You need to go get a job.’ So I was like, ‘OK, I’ll go get a job.’”
ON WORKING AT STEPHAN PYLES “I was 25 when I started at Stephan Pyles as a pantry cook. I didn’t have formal training and always felt behind, so I stayed up late nights reading, studying and trying new recipes to try to catch up.”
FT33’S DESIGN “Barnyard industrial.” A lot of the wood inside the restaurant came from a 19th century stable at Sterling Lamb at Hodges Ranch, in West Texas, where McCallister also gets his lamb.
FAVORITE ODDBALL INGREDIENTS Shiro kikurage, a white fungus that grows on trees. He rehydrates the dried fungus and infuses it with black truffle when making a “really rich lamb broth.”

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